The dynamic insight Data and Dashboards products consist of the following components:

  • Data Sources
  • Transformations
  • Insights
  • Dashboards

They all built up one each other and are supported by components and features used in the Process Automation product.

Data Sources

Data Sources are used to import data from the apps and systems you use in order to create Transformations, Insights, and Dashboards. This corresponds to the Extract step in the ETL process.
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Transformations are used to transform the data imported by the Data Sources. This includes assigning the proper data types, unpacking JSON values, joining multiple tables, and more. This corresponds to the Transforms step in the ETL process.


Insights use data from either Data Sources or Transformations to create visualizations of your data in the form of Charts. This corresponds to the Load step in the ETL process.


Dashboards are a collection of Insights, showing, e.g. your business' KPIs.  

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