Product Update February

We have released various new features in February and many improvements under the hood:

  • Environment (env) Variables for Flows: You can now add multiple env variables in the settings section and later use them in your flows. This is ideal for e.g. mapping fields names of an ERP or backend-system to another system or e.g. using a variable e.g. domain in multiple steps of a Connector or Helper. You can add strings, numbers or whole JSON objects as env-variables.

  • Search V1 for Flow Debugging of steps: You can now search through the flow step names as per the below:

  • New Looper actions - "while": You can now do not only "loop over", but also while loops. This is particularly helpful when looping over a set of pages via of APIs in order to loop over all the entries e.g. for a CRM-app get all contacts and the number of contacts returned in the API is split up over hundreds of pages
  • Webhook responses values and http codes: You can now determine your own custom webhook responses:

  • Activity Log (Audit Logs): You can now check all your account activity under Settings > Activity Log:

  • Help Center articles directly linked in Connectors and Helpers: Get answers immediately by using the newly linked Help Center articles that you see when clicking on the i icon on an action in the flow builder.