We release software continuously and regularly update features here. Many small improvements and fixes happen all the time and we only reference them if reasonably important.

Product Updates

Product Update June

Added connectors and helpers: 

We Continuously add

Product Update May

1. Connector Dropbox

The Dropbox connector is now available. We laid the ground work for all file-based connectors, such as Google Drive and One, which we will add on request in under two business days. 

2. Teams

We're introducing Teams functionality that lets you mirror your company's internal teams into our platform in order to give access to certain flows or dashboard only to those who need to work with it and should see it. See more details under object permissions, coming up next.

3. Object permissions

Per each set ob objects, such as automation flows, Connector credentials, dashboards, etc. You can give access on an Enterprise-level 

  • can view, 
  • edit, 
  • delete or 
  • manage permission

And you can provide access only to yourself (just me), your entire company or selected users, teams or even to everyone on our platform, if you wan to make flows available on the marketplace.

Object roles and permissions

4. File uploader

You can now upload and use MS Excel, CSV and other files in all your flows and simply upload them.

Location: Settings > File Uploader

Flows IDs restriction (optional) - allows to limit flow files only to be used in certain flows. Enter a comma separated list of IDs of your flows to restrict file access to those flows.

Flow IDs to run (optional) -  allows to run certain flow directly from the file uploader. This is ideal for business users who don't need to know the full automation logic, but just want to upload certain files and run a flow to make magic happen.

dynamic insight file uploader - run a file

5. Set company colors for the whole app

Click on the user icon in the upper right corner of your screen, the click on your company name. On that screen you can add a company logo and your primary company color. The additional colors are for the dashboard's chart's colors and can be chosen as per your corporate design.

Product Update February

We have released various new features in February and many improvements under the hood:

  • Environment (env) Variables for Flows: You can now add multiple env variables in the settings section and later use them in your flows. This is ideal for e.g. mapping fields names of an ERP or backend-system to another system or e.g. using a variable e.g. domain in multiple steps of a Connector or Helper. You can add strings, numbers or whole JSON objects as env-variables.
  • Search V1 for Flow Debugging of steps: You can now search through the flow step names as per the below:

  • New Looper actions - "while": You can now do not only "loop over", but also while loops. This is particularly helpful when looping over a set of pages via of APIs in order to loop over all the entries e.g. for a CRM-app get all contacts and the number of contacts returned in the API is split up over hundreds of pages
  • Webhook responses values and http codes: You can now determine your own custom webhook responses:

  • Activity Log (Audit Logs): You can now check all your account activity under Settings > Activity Log:
  • Help Center articles directly linked in Connectors and Helpers: Get answers immediately by using the newly linked Help Center articles that you see when clicking on the i icon on an action in the flow builder.