Find many features of dynamic insight at a glance - from August 2020. Latest feature overview can be found on pricing table.


Dashboarding and Notifications

  • Receive email notifications upon a flow running into an error, e.g. expected data is not present, an auth token expired, etc.
  • Visual dashboard showing flow execution and success or error per each day to immediately take action on failed automation flows

Credential, Authentication & Access Management

  • Oauth2, Basic auth, credentials, and tokens - we support pretty much any way to access
  • Change credentials in one central place and they will be changed for all your automation flows (no need to adjust each flow)
  • Add multiple credentials for sandbox, testing production
  • Access multiple accounts from within the same automation flow
  • Migrate data from e.g. testing to production in the same workflow

Automation Flow Triggers

  • Webhook triggers - trigger automation flows using webhooks or browser-based pixels
  • Scheduled triggers - schedule triggers like your calendar when you need them, monthly, weekly, daily, only on Monday, etc. Full flexibility
  • Manual triggers - trigger automation flows manually
  • Multi flow trigger - trigger one or multiple flow automation from a (starting trigger) flow itself to e.g. retrieve some data and then trigger multiple flows to move and distribute this data to various systems

Flow Building

  • Searching workflows: From within the FlowBuilder and Debugging, search and find flows immediately  
  • Describe and document each flow and each step of a flow using descriptive sentences
  • Versioning of flows in a historical style so nothing is ever lost
  • Manually adjust ref-ids (ids that uniquely reference a step in a flow)
  • Copy/clone pre-existing flows or flow steps for rapid prototyping
  • Loop over lists or dictionaries (dicts) in order to perform multiple actions
  • Autocomplete step-reference and functions like in spreadsheets. Easily reference data from previous steps and prebuilt functions (many from Jinja2) built-in

Flow Debugging

  • Debug each step of a flow with input and output visible
  • Search for steps individually or errors only
  • Re-Run flows immediately from the debugging view
  • Easily search step-results for ease of seeing what your flows produced

Flow Template Marketplace

  • Choose from various pre-built templates of flow automations or individual steps of a flow to learn and built faster


  • Teams can be set-up, e.g. for marketing, sales, finance, etc in order to  group users and e.g. give them access to flows or dashboards
  • Permissions to give custom access (share) objects to users, teams or the whole account
  • Full audit log of all account activity for account admin to follow each step