dynamic insight provides a wide range of pre-templated and pre-built flows that you can copy and modify to automate and solve your integration and automation challenges.

To copy a flow from there, go to Flow Marketplace and choose the flow you want to copy. By hovering over the description, you can see more details regarding the flow. To copy the flow to your account, click Copy on the right side:

Flow Marketplace

After having copied the flow, you have to select the correct Connector Auths for the connectors, change any variables which are not default values and, depending on the flow, upload your own files:

Add Connector Auth

The references to the other connectors used in the flows are already correctly set, e.g. loo1 in the example above does not need to be changed, only the reference after it, in case you use other column names in your file.

Change File URL

You can also use the marketplace flows as a basis for a larger flow by extending upon them.